Get Eway Bills for Transporter by Date and State Code

This method provides the list of E-way bills assigned to requesting GSTIN/TRANSIN for transportation based on generated date and state code of the generator of the E-waybill. The details and parameters of the requests and responses are explained.


  • Valid EWB generated date has to be passed.
  • Only active E-waybill will be considered in this API.
  • Valid state code of the EWB generator has to be passed.
  • Rate control limit has been set for accessing this API. This API can be accessed 50 times with in a span of 15 min. This 15 min window starts from the time of first access of this API, if API is accessed 50 times within this period, API will be blocked for the remaining duration of time period.
  • For example: If you have accessed this API at 2:00 PM and tried 50 access till 2:05 PM then, you will be blocked till 2:15 PM for accessing this API as the allowed number of requests has been exceeded, you will get an error code 658. Again you are allowed to access this API only after 2.15 PM and the same above process will continue there after.

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