Extend Validity

This API is used to extend the validity of E-Way bill. The details and parameters of the requests and responses are explained.


  • To distinguish between the goods either on Road or in transit, new parameter transitType ( R- Road, W - Warehouse, O-Others) are introduced for Extend E-waybill API.
  • If transmode is 1 to 4 then consignmentStatus value should be M and transitType should be blank ("transitType":"").
  • If transmode is 5 then consignmentStatus value should be T and transitType value can be either R or W or O.
  • The Validity of EWB can be extended only by the current transporter. If transporter is not assigned, then the generator can update.
  • The validity of EWB can be extended between 8 hours before expiry time and 8 hours after expiry time.
  • The reason code along with reason description for the extension has to be entered.
  • The present location of the consignment, at the time of requesting for the extension, has to be entered and distance to travel from there to destination has to be entered.
  • If vehicle number is passed, the format of the vehicle number should be valid and as per the format
  • In case of road as a transportation mode , the vehicle number should be passed and transport document number is optional.
  • In case of rail, air or ship as a transportation mode, the transport document number is must.
  • Remaining distance should not be more than the actual distance mentioned during the generation of E-way bill.

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